Local is committed to strengthening communities. We form bonds with like-minded organizations and others to help make the world a better place. We like to hang with the local folk, and give ‘em hand when we can. As our business continues to grow, we will continually expand our community programs to make positive impact on society. In a our latest efforts to hook-up fellow humanoids, Local has joined forces with Cal Poly Surfrider Foundation, Coast Union High School Surf Team, Monster Skate Series, Huntington Beach Surf Museum, and more.



Surfing and skating in the natural environments along California’s Central Coast is what inspired the creation of Local as a sustainable action sports company. To keep the spirit vivified, we recommend you also get your proper dose of surfing and skating around your local scene. And when you do, send us some sick shots of you and your buds blowin’ up. Your crew might just make the team.


Action Sports:

Sustainability is the founding principle behind Local’s unprecedented action sports business model. The Local team has designed virtually every aspect of the business to minimize environmental impact, and we make a valient effort to improve the world by contributing to organizations that help restore humanities adverse effects on the planet. Below is our experience searching for fair-trade hemp, the most sustainable clothing fiber in the world. Check it out…


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